Our Approach

Does it work? Is it safe? Know why you do what you do. Know why you rig how you rig.

Our cadre has an exceptional amount of FOR REAL operational experience.
Learn Small Party Assisted Rescue (SPAR) cave rescue techniques from real cave rescue operators.

  • Our tactical courses are taught by professional operators with decades of experience in law enforcement and military special operations, with the unique emphasis on rope applications.
  • Our tree operations instructors are ISA certified and have years of professional experience.
  • Most instructors are also mountain rescue technicians serving on MRA accredited teams.
  • We have specialty niche instructors than can integrate many or all of these disciplines to train operators with needs that span many extreme rope venues. For example: If you need to combine rope access skills with SCBA apparatus, our team has worked and trained in extreme locations such as volcanic glacier cave fumarole pits.

Meet the Team


Eddy Cartaya

NSS #31578

Eddy started caving in 1987 when he joined the NSS and the MET Grotto in New York while attending the U.S. Military Academy at West Point (aerospace engineering). He has been active in caving, expeditions, and cave rescue ever since. Led his first multi-day cave mapping expedition in 1991, Republic of South Korea. Eddy has caved, surveyed, and worked in caves spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.

Complete BIO Lead Trainer 


Rick Speaect

NSS # 54849

Rick Speaect has been caving since 1999. Past Chair of the of the Colorado Grotto and the Williams Canyon Project, a project of the NSS in Colorado. He has done a variety of caving from recreational trips, TAG pits, alpine caves, to survey trips in Wind and Lechuguilla caves. He has served on the National Speleological Society Board of Governors. Rick has also served on the Certification Committee of the NCRC.


Gaylene Speaect


Gaylene, logistics expert and financials – the person who makes things happen for the team…

Plus, she gets it. She’s two steps ahead also because she’s an NCRC Cave rescue level 3 and teaches SRT.


Next Steps...

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