Our Approach

Does it work? Is it safe? Know why you do what you do. Know why you rig how you rig.

What is SPAR?

SPAR is a philosophy of small group self-reliance, accident prevention, decision making, and problem solving based on critical thinking. Pre-planning before and during the cave trip can help make problem solving easier. Caving is an activity where small mistakes have big consequences and have the potential for catastrophic results. The longer you go caving, the greater the odds that you will one day be involved (or assist another group) with a SPAR. Having a SPAR mentality before you ever put on your caving helmet can help you prevent an accident, and if one DOES happen, in helping you make the right decisions about what to do next.

Meet the Team

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Eddy Cartaya

NSS #31578

Eddy started caving in 1987 when he joined the NSS and the MET Grotto in New York while attending the U.S. Military Academy at West Point (aerospace engineering). He has been active in caving, expeditions, and cave rescue ever since. Led his first multi-day cave mapping expedition in 1991, Republic of South Korea. Eddy has caved, surveyed, and worked in caves spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.


Rick Speaect

NSS # 54849

Rick Speaect has been caving since 1999. Past Chair of the of the Colorado Grotto and the Williams Canyon Project, a project of the NSS in Colorado. He has done a variety of caving from recreational trips, TAG pits, alpine caves, to survey trips in Wind and Lechuguilla caves. He has served on the National Speleological Society Board of Governors. Rick has also served on the Certification Committee of the NCRC.


Gaylene Speaect


Gaylene started caving with her family in 2000. Enjoyed recreational caving with family and friends across the USA including both vertical and horizontal caves. Completed NCRC Cave rescue training Level 1 and 2 in the same year. Years following completed NCRC Level 3 and TOFE twice. Currently serving as the NSS Secretary-Treasurer and NCRC Finance Officer.

Next Steps...

Seek training. Utilize resources available to you. Attend seminars like ITRS. Evaluate new gear and procedures. Practice your skills.