SPAR - Small Party Assisted Rescue Training Classes

We offer Small Party Assisted Rescue or SPAR classes. These classes are designed for both self rescue of small groups as well as lightweight small rescue teams. This is a 3 - 5 day course designed for those that already possess vertical rope skills. You can also take or add the SRT technique class. These are valuable skills that can save a life. Please contact us for more information.

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SRT - Single Rope Technique

Single rope techniques are used extensively all over the world for many rope operations. This is a 2 day course designed to teach multiple rope skills using a single rope. These skills can also be applied to all other rope skills, including rope access, tactical operations, and technical rescues. Skills include vertical rope movement, horizontal movement, passing obstacles. navigating re-belays, deviations and edge transitions.

Tactical Operations

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Custom rope, rescue trainings avilable.

Contact us for a custom class that is modified four your skill level an type of rope or rescue work that you do. Classes given at our training facility in Redmond OR or locally.

Never assume you know everything.

These are all perishable skills. These skills are constantly evolving, with new gear, testing and integrating new techniques. Practice, keep informed and continue to train and excel.


Next Steps...

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