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We began this journey by following our passion for teaching rope rigging and cave rescue skills.


While researching materials and publications to enhance our trainings, we found a gap – no single, comprehensive publication served our needs. Many of the resources had incomplete information or were very dated.

So we invested thousands of hours and dollars to produce our own comprehensive SPAR manual. In addition to rope rescue techniques, this manual includes sections on shelter-in-place, horizontal patient movement, and expedition planning, plus a comprehensive pick-off chapter. This book offers information that applies to all rope rescue personnel – not just small party assisted rescue.


We wrote this SPAR Manual because we couldn’t stop ourselves. We love this stuff.


Vertically Speaking Trainings

What We Offer
Check out our current training courses, or contact us for a customized approach to your group’s specific rope rigging and rescue training needs.



  There are a lot of rope rescue and
rigging schools out there.

What makes Vertically Speaking different?

What We Do
Vertically Speaking specializes in teaching and applying high angle rope techniques in unique, adverse, and extreme conditions.

How We Think
We believe that every rope technician – no matter the venue or industry – should be “fluent on rope.” This means they’re able to travel rope as deftly as most people walk. It means moving in ALL directions... not just up and down, but also traversing left and right, sometimes with the weight of another person.

On rope, they can conduct interventions with patients or suspects as competently and confidently as a paramedic or police officer handles their “customer” on flat ground.

Why We’re Different
Most rope rescue and rigging schools teach conventional high-angle technical rescue courses using litters and two-tension rope systems. These are the go-to methods for fire departments and bigger rescue teams. We can and will teach that.

But at Vertically Speaking, we specialize in vertical mobility in extreme, improvisational, unique, or hostile environments – and we show you how to integrate these techniques into light-weight rescue solutions, when time, resources, and manpower are limited.

Here’s the thing: This information isn’t just for light and fast and small operations. We teach transportable tools that you can incorporate into your team’s existing protocols, or use as needed when your favorite rescue tool won’t work. We expand your toolkit to make you better at what you already do.

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Training, knowledge and practice is the key.