Single Rope Technique / Assessment (SRT1)(4 days) (with Optional Certification)

A lifeguard has options...reach, throw, row, and GO. The 'go' option requires a very competent swimmer. Anyone performing a hands-on rescue in the water without being an exceptional swimmer is asking for disaster.

Likewise, a rope rescue technician, or tactical operator seeking to engage or intervene with a person on rope must be truly fluent on rope. Even if your team plans to operate primarily from a top station, things go wrong, and rescues or operations seldom go as planned. Having the ability to travel anywhere there is rope or webbing, despite obstacles, and negotiate every type of rope obstacle, is true mark of a rope professional.

This course will develop single rope technique (SRT) skills to enhance the operator’s vertical mobility on rope, ability to integrate internal redundancy in SRT operations, and bring speed and fluidity to their work.

Course will cover optimizing harness and rope climbing systems for SRT operations, efficient climbing technique for long distances, changeovers, line changes, knot passing, rebelays, deviation, guideline travel, tandem climbing, downclimbing, difficult edge negotiation, and resolving malfunctions / climbing with handicaps. Course will also cover rigging basic access line for SRT operations with some contingency options. Students should already have a functional system for rappelling and ascending when they arrive, although we will take the first day to dial in everyone’s system.

This is the standard SRT course. The tactical version of it is offered as part of our Tactical course catalog, and trains the same skills, but integrating law enforcement / military equipment and tools, and with some additional considerations. If you are just interested in being proficient in all forms of rope travel for fast and safe access to a patient or situation, this is the course for you.

This is a certification course. At the completion of the course, there is a 2 part assessment. Part 1 is on a standardized rope course that tests the candidate’s ability to traverse (in BOTH directons...climb and rappel) knots, deviations, rebelays / re-anchors, J hangs, & line changes. Part 2 assesses the candidates ability to rig a standard SRT set up with an over-the-edge (OTE) line, and demonstrate ability to clear a difficult lip in both rappel and ascent.

This is an intensive immersion in single rope technique. Pending the facility, students are offered a chance to try these techniques in adverse (but safely controlled) environments such as darkness and waterfall. At Vertically Speaking we believe that the ability to operate safely under stress has a high value, and stress testing is an important measure of SRT competency.

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