This course has a lot of flexibility, but typically focuses on the integration of tactical tracking team operations and wilderness operations.

Tracking an armed fugitive is likely the most dangerous law enforcement mission possible. By learning these team tactics, how to track better, how to harness tracking evidence for court, and how to manage the environmental stressors, your team will become an independent special operations unit capable of operating almost anywhere effectively.

Thanks to collaboration with Six Six Solutions, these courses can also integrate dynamic, reality based live fire exercises that will give your team a major survival edge. Go to (Course only available to government agency personnel)

Our instructors do not just teach this material…they DO IT! It is one thing to take a class and teach what you learned. We seek instructors with extensive real world career field experience!

The best rope lab to test systems, gear, and methodology is not in a sterile lab with new rope and ideal conditions, but in the field….where friction, edges, used gear, and the environmental elements are at play…both on the gear…AND the operators. Our trackers have career experience tracking live (sometimes armed) suspects.

Our arborists have real experience working in trees with professional certifications. Our tactical cadre has extensive experience in military and law enforcement special operations and integrating multiple rope industries into it…not just basic rappelling and simple anchors. Many bring former certifications in firearms instruction, tactical tracking, use of force policy, control tactics, and small team operations….both wilderness and urban.


Tracking is a major search tool for Search and Rescue operations, as well as for evidence search in a passive track (subject contained / located). Many of the skills covered in tactical tracking apply equally here, albeit without the threat component.

Our instructors include tactical tracking team leaders and SAR tracking team leaders with multiple certifications and decades of real world experience. In line with Vertically Speaking’s practice in integrating multiple techniques into a more effective holistic technique, we combine the methodologies of several SAR and tactical tracking schools to give students a unique eye and capability to track lost subjects through a variety of mediums…to include sub-surface snow tracking.

These courses can focus entirely on tracking skills, but also include modules on command and control for your ICS teams, tracking evidence preservation and collection, and crime scene reconstruction using action indicators on the ground. Tracks tell a story…not just lead you to a person. These courses will show your team how to do BOTH.