Tactical Tracking Operations 2022-05-16

Tactical Tracking Operations Course

Presented by a training Partnership with Vertically Speaking LLC & Six Six Solutions LLC

Open to:   Law Enforcement agency personnel

Dates:  May 16 thru 20 2022 (45 hours)

Location:   Redmond, Oregon

Prerequisites:  All participants should be in physical condition for arduous duty and be able to work/operate an entire day in a cold, wooded and alpine environment.  Officers should bring their duty gear, issued rifle, 300 rounds of rifle ammunition, 100 rounds of handgun ammunition and all equipment that would be used in a tactical environment. Course takes place outside rain or shine.

 Course Description:    This is a full-length tactical tracking operations course targeting law enforcement special operations personnel & officers assigned to remote patrol locations.  Tracking an armed subject is the most dangerous operation law enforcement is called to deal with, where the suspect has all the tactical advantages.  To give officers back some of that advantage, teams need to turn to the art of tracking, camouflage, noise discipline, specialized small unit patrol tactics, and be independently capable of handling medical emergencies in remote areas.  This course will give officers the skills needed to track a subject through moderate terrain in the safest manner possible, and deal with actions on contact.

Skills Trained:  Rules of tracking, tracking cards, tracking sticks, action indicators, stride records, preserving track evidence for court, use of force considerations, tracking team formations, lost track procedures, sign cutting for vehicles and facility security, clearing danger areas, actions on contact, counter ambush tactics, basic combat medical, downed officer extrication and transport, suspect handling post arrest in remote setting, boobytrap detection, camouflage, noise abatement, setting up kit for woodland operations, firearms handling in team formations, patrol tactics, line item reports, and visual acuity exercises.

Course includes moderately advanced live fire exercises for familiarity with woodland operations gear, counter ambush drills, and downed officer extrication drills.

Cost:  $800.00

Register Through:  Verticallyspeaking.com  (Click on DCSO invoice option to register without paying)

Gear list and schedule will be sent out upon registration.


Tentative Course Daily Schedule:

Each day starts at 0800 (locations will vary daily) and ends approximately 1700, with a 30 minute lunch. Students should bring a sack lunch each day. First day location  / packing list, to be announced in student packets after registration.

Monday, May 16:  Intro, admin, Tracking operations overview, Rules of tracking, definitions, Camouflage, spoor cards, tracking stick, action indicators, reconstructing actions, tracking evidence processing (casting and photography), kit and gear for tactical tracking, pack dumps.

Tuesday, May 17:  Micro tracking lanes, Medical TCCC considerations, Use of force, effective range, cover shadow, range safety brief, live fire familiarization with full kit, intro to tracking team formations. Team formation walk through / basic team based tracking.

Wednesday, May 18: Incident operations, communications, LiNDAT reports, Lost Spoor techniques, team movement tracking drills, danger areas (roads, hills, fields), actions on contact phase 1 and 2, tent take downs (auditory targeting demo), sing cutting (lanes, vehicle, structures)

Thursday, May 19:  Visual acuity / booby traps, counter tracking tactics, cover shoot counter ambush live fire drills, officer down extraction live fire drills, suspect handling and transport, tracking drill with students as OPFOR.

Friday, May 20:   Mission pre-brief, mock tactical tracking mission, mission debrief / AAR, course critique, graduation.


May 16 - 20 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


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