Tactical Rope Operations – Instructor Qualification Course 2021-09-27

Overview: The Tactical Rope Operations Instructor Qualification Course (TROIQ) is a 60 hour course delivered in 6 days designed to develop highly proficient tactical rope operators who can also serve effectively as instructors in this industry.  Course integrates all three levels of Vertically Speaking Tactical curriculum and will prepare you to assess the ITRA level 3 and instructor learning objectives.  Level 2 assessments will be completed by day 4.  Students will be assessed on their level 3 and instructor skills on the last day (deliver both a theoretical and hands on block of instruction.)   As such, you will be expected to already have a strong level of basic proficiency with single rope travel, knots, basic edge rigging and anchors, and basic haul systems (see below).  Most of the skills taught will be on single rope without a belay, so you must be able to solve your own problems on rope. This course will be based on the newly developed learning objectives from the ITRA tactical working group for the 3 levels of operation and instructorship. Course will be held at the Vertically Speaking training center located in Redmond Oregon.  Components of the class will also occur at the Bend Fire Department training tower and at COSSA (firing range).

Target Audience:   (ONLY OPEN TO ACTIVE LAW ENFORCMENT / MILITARY PERSONNEL AND DESIGNATED TRAINERS FOR THESE AGENCIES)  Special Operations police and military units tasked with direct action operations involving a human antagonist to access areas by a vertical medium (urban or wilderness) to effect an arrest, conduct hostage rescue, remove vertical protesters, intervene with suicide jumpers, rescue  / transport downed operators, set up over watches or containment, board vessels, or infiltrate criminal facilities. Also to develop instructors and program facilitators.

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Sep 27 2021 - Oct 02 2021


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VS Training Center Redmond OR
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