Arbor (Tree Canopy) Aerial 05-13-2022

Arbor (Tree Canopy) Aerial Rescue

For Fire / SAR / Military Rescue Units


Presented by Vertically Speaking LLC

Open to:   All Rescue Personnel

Dates:  May 13 thru May 15 2022 (24 hours)

Location:   Redmond, Oregon

Prerequisites:  All participants should be in good physical condition for arduous duty and be able to work/operate an entire day in a wooded and alpine environment. Course takes place outside rain or shine with the exception of dangerous lightning.


No specific course prerequisites, but students should already be proficient in basic anchors, rappelling and rope climbing with an SRT system. Students should be able to changeover competently from rappel to climb, and climb to rappel while aloft.  There will be an entry skills test the first morning of the course to ensure your gear is safe and serviceable, and that you have the basic rope mobility skills to complete the class.


Course Description:    This course targets technical rescue response personnel who are NOT specifically trained, equipped and certified as arborists / tree climbers.  Potential venues  / patient situations for this application include parachute rescue, glider / small air craft personnel rescue, recreational tree climbers, bridge jumpers caught in trees, hunters in high perches, arborists performing paid work who become stranded or injured, tree protesters injured or stranded, or rescuers who have themselves become stranded or injured as a result of a failed arbor-rescue / intervention attempt (rescuing the rescuer). Patients in trees often have impaling injuries that need to be mitigated and stabilized prior to transport, thus some medical considerations are in order.

Arborist rescue is one of the most technically challenging and unforgiving rescue venues we face.  By definition, it is a bottom-up rescue, with uncertain anchors, poor visibility, struck-by hazards, and potentially dozens of obstacles (branches) between you and the patient. It is almost by necessity a single rescuer response, and requires competency in rope climbing, and rigging problem solving aloft. Course focuses on the basics of tree vertical mobility, remote rigging and rescue of patients aloft using more conventional technical rescue gear, versus the specialized (and certainly more ideal) arborist industry equipment, which few rescue agencies own. Whereas arborist schools focus on vertically mobility to perform work, this course focuses on access and extrication of a human patient.

Skills Trained:  Applications / responses, Line deployment, throw bags / launchers, basal anchors, suspended tie ins, redirects, friction saver  / multi-rope device installments, retrievable systems, remote stabilization of instable stuck-by hazards, single rope technique (SRT)  progression, Moving Rope Technique (MRT) progression, contingency anchors, introduction to spur climbing, critical injury stabilization aloft (impale injuries, extremity injuries, suspension trauma), pick off techniques for unanchored and anchored patients aloft.

Cost:  $585.00

Register Through:

Gear list and schedule will be sent out upon registration.

Tentative Course Daily Schedule:

Each day starts at 0800 (locations will vary daily) and ends approximately 1700, with a 30 minute lunch. Students should bring a sack lunch each day. First day location  / packing list, to be announced in student packets after registration.

Friday, Rescue scenarios, Incident operations, rope  / harness  / tree related injuries and medical concepts, gear familiarization, line deployments, remote installations, single rope technique climbing and changeovers. Moving rope technique climbing and change over, traveling with a patient on rope.

Saturday,  Line deployments in trees, intro to spur climbing, progression through tree canopy, pick off concepts, low to ground patient stabilization, weight transfers, and lowers.

Sunday,  Rescue scenarios in forest.


Questions?  Contact:


Eddy Cartaya

Vertically Speaking LLC

ITRA # 14956

+1 541-213-6257


May 13 - 15 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


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