Never assume you are done learning.

These are all perishable skills. These skills are constantly evolving, with new gear, testing, and industries integrating new techniques. Practice, keep informed, and continue to train and excel.


Application:  Vertical operations skill provides SWAT commanders and police emergency response teams with solutions not otherwise considered, even for simple 2 story house problems. This course will provide tactical operators with more ingress and egress options to barricaded situations or to evacuate hostages via vertical means from such venues if the ground areas are compromised via suspect or civil unrest activity. With the increase in vertical protestors in bridges, state buildings, and other venues, these skills offer more choices for a fast and safe resolution to incidents which might otherwise drag on and escalate with increased media exposure.  Instructors integrate use of force considerations in suspect contact and handling in such vertical venues, tapping into advanced cave and arborist Single Rope rescue techniques, and how they can be used in tactical operations designed to safeguard both officer and suspect in such situations.

Tactical Rope Operations Integrated Course:  An intensive 5 day (50 contact hours) course for moderately experienced tactical rope operators to take their rope access and intervention techniques to a new level.  Course draws from learning objectives from all 3 core levels of Vertically Speaking Tactical's Training Program. An entry skill test is required to gain entry to show possession of basic and safe rope travel techniques.  This is not just a tactical rappelling class from top anchors.  Students will learn to travel both ways on rope, through every conceivable obstacle, and perform interventions with suspects in a variety of scenarios.  Course is heavy on SRT fluency, remote line deployment and tactical climbing for buildings, trees, and structures, sometimes utilizing human anchors.  Exercises include night operations with role players and NLTA, as well as live fire drills in a controlled range with vertical props, integrating sniper operations for cover.  Course will include the Vertically Speaking SRT certification test on day 4, and may (arrangements still pending) include formal assessment of many International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA) tactical endorsement skills.

Dates: Monday September 14 thru September 18, 2020

Location:  Redmond, Oregon

Entry Skills Test:  Demonstrate proficiency with 10 knots and hitches, AND given 15 minutes, don your harness and PPE, climb 10 meters rope, perform changeover to rappel, rappel 8 meters, changeover to ascend, and downclimb 2 meters.  Demonstrate proper tie off of your descent control device during test. Must maintain 2 points of attachment until moving on a proven descender.

Cost:  $525.00 (includes lunch on all 5 days and dinner on day 3 prior to night operations).      (Special cost of $525.00 offered due to the Covi-19 pandemic)

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