Module 1 covers remote rigging and gaining access to the tree canopy. Based on your needs, stationary rope technique (SRT), moving rope technique (MRT), or spur climbing in conjunction with SRT or MRT can be trained. Applications for this include hunter rescue, aerial rescue of tree worker, downed parachute / glider / plane access and rescue, observation points for tactical operations, or stranded recreational climber, scientist, etc. Remote rigging can also be used to stabilize and secure precarious objects or people prior to entering canopy. Focus of course is primarily tree canopy rigging, access, and movement using a variety of techniques.

Module 2 integrates the tree climbing-mobility skills from module 1 with pick offs or maneuvers that then engage with another person, rope system, or object, to bring them down safely. Applications include access and rescue of injured subjects in trees, downed personnel from aerial vehicles or conveyances, or intervention of suspects conducting illegal activity. Vertically Speaking has instructors with decades of ISA certified arborist experience, and many of whom also integrate these skills with tactical, law enforcement, and rescue operations.